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This event is open to electrical industry professionals only;
In order to enter, you must present verifable proof of your professional activity;
Your credential personal and non-transferable, and must be worn at all times;
For safety reasons, minors under 16 are not allowed in, even if accompanied by adults, nor are lactating women;
People wearing tank tops, shorts and flip-flops are not allowed in;
tendees are aware and agree that the organizer has exclusive rights over photos and videos of people, booths and products taken by the organizer at
the event for promotional purposes at any time;
Booths and products may only be photographed and/or flmed with prior authorization;
Animals of any kind and size are not allowed in, with the exception of authorized guide dogs;
The event organizer reserves the right to evict from the premises any attendee who disrupts or hinders the smooth progress of the event.





Complete the registration
and collect your badge at the
desk onsite.

Open from 12am to 8pm – Free admission
Three days of exciting contacts and networking. Join us and grow your business.


1 - Click on Register.
2 - Follow the steps.
3 - Fill in all felds to complete the registration.


Members of the press must register at the event’s media center;
Only journalists working for electrical industry publications will be registered.