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Comprehensive solutions for LV/MV electrical infrastructure:
distributed generation, urban grids, street lighting, installations for building and
industrial facilities

Geared towards professionals and companies working in design, assembly and maintenance of LV/MV electrical infrastructure.
Distributed generation from renewable sources, overhead and underground grids, converter substations, street lighting and installations for
building and industrial facilities.







  • End users from all industrial branches
  • Governmental and institutional organizations
  • Electric utilities and service companies
  • Distributors and retailers of electrical products
  • Engineering and construction professionals
  • Contracting and consulting professionals
  • Educational and reserch institutions



  • Motor & drives.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Electrical distributors.
  • Energy effciency.
  • Lighting for public and industrial spaces.
  • LV/MV for buildings and industrial facilities.
  • Lightning protection systems.
  • IT and Telecom installations.
  • Explosion-proof industrial installations
  • Residential and industrial electrical
  • Overhead grids.
  • Underground grids.
  • Fire protection and safety.
  • Inspection and testing services.
  • Design and installation services.
  • Automation systems.
  • Electrical design software.
  • Converter substations.



  • You get best results by exhibiting at a show that speaks directly to your target audience with total focus.
  • This is a unique opportunity for your company to create new business with high caliber people from the best companies in the industry.
  • Their versatile concept combines an exhibition and a conference for qualified professionals only, featuring advanced products and exciting technological innovations.
  • They are the only events in Brazil dedicated to low and medium voltage electrical installations, the two most sought-after segments, and therefore offer the best opportunities to connect with the buying market.
  • These events really do create business.
  • They are strongly geared towards and focused on decision makers.